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How are plants valuable to our society?

In this post, you'll examine the value of plants to our Canadian society. Think of the many uses of plants - currently, historically, culturally, economically, etc - and write a one paragraph response discussing the importance of plants in Canadian society. This post must be submitted before Sunday May 23 to be considered on time.

Therefore, I suggest you get your post done before the long weekend.

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    Plants can have a very lasting effect on our country. For example every province in Canada has a national flower, Ontario has the trillium. The trillium is a flower which represents the beauty of our proviince. When a person from Ontario sees the trillium they have to point it out, because they know that it has a deep impact in our society. The government has enforced a rule that one cannot pick a trillium because it has such a representation of life for us. Therefore flowers, or plants can have a deep impact on people because they can represent parts of us.

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    There are many different uses for plants in the Canadian Society. We use them currently, historically, culturally, and economically. We use plants to make food, clothing, paper, shelter, fuel, and medicines. Plants have been used more and more over the years for a number of different things. And each year that goes by, there seems to be a new way to use plants. Who would ever think that plants could be used for fuel!?! In the future, there could be a whole new use for plants, that could possibly change the way we live.

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    I think that plants are very important to Canadian society. Plants have been frequently used historically and continue to be used presently today. They are used for many different things such as: food, paper, ply wood to build houses (building materials), fuel, clothing, etc. In the past they were much more important than they are today. People depended on them for food, shelter, fire wood to keep them warm, medicine, etc. Plants also play a big role in filtering our air and keeping it clean. With global warming possibly happening this can affect many of our plants and leave us with less resources. Since plants are a pretty important factor of the lives we lead, we need to take better care of our environment and help prevent global warming.

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    Plants are of value to the Canadian society because they have medicinal uses. These uses have been passes down through generations from the Europeans, Chinese, Egyptians, American Indians and many other cultures. They can also be called a nutritional supplement. They are not as expensive as other medicines because they come from a natural source, and are not government approved. For example, The First Nations people of southwestern Manitoba use sweet flag roots to treat high cholesterol. Plants are valuable to the Canadian society because they keep people healthy for a low cost.

  5. Plants are important to Canadian society because they provide Canadians with many important aspects of life. Plants are what keep humans alive. They provide the oxygen that we always breathe in. They provide the habitats for many animals, which live in, under, or on the plants. Plants are good for society because they help make the earth a beautiful place to live in. Every renovation that is done to our houses or backyards or anything, never seems to be complete without the final touch of some flowers or trees or shrubs. Even when spring comes, our yard is never “pretty” until we have put in new flowers. Plants are good for society because they brighten up the world that we live in, making this world a livable place, literally.

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    Plants are a great value to our Canadian society for many reasons. The most important value to us is medicine, in which about 80% of medicine is originated from wild plants. Because of the wide variety of plant species, there are many important drugs that have yet to be discovered. Another important value is food, such as grasses; we humans most often use rice, wheat, and corn every week. In addition, about 3,000 plants have been used to supply food for humans and 90% of the world’s food supple comes from 20 plants. Aesthetics are also well provided from plants because they add great beauty to our live and environment and provide us with much enjoyable memories when hiking, fishing, and hunting. Plants also support industrial products because the fibers provide us with clothing and some types of fuel such as ethanol, which is made from corn and soybeans. In addition, I could go on forever with why plants are so important to our society because there are a wide variety of reasons. Without plants, our air quality would be very dense and our water quality would be less fortunate.


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    Plant life is an important part of our Canadian society; culturally, economically, historically and has become a part of our everyday lives. The former Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Wilfred Laurier said, "We must interest the nation, the individual, the farmer, the settler, the lumberman, everybody in the great work which is involved in forestry." In that time and today forestry was and is important to our economy. Forestry contributes the largest net income of $30 Million annually to Canada’s trade balance while the industry only harvests .25% annually of our nations forests. Canada is also a very rural society with rich soil that delivers great crops like wheat and fresh produce that can be found locally. As a cultural nation we are known for our forests, our natural food products like PEI potatoes, BC blueberries, Saskatchewan wheat and our maple syrup. As a nation we can thank the plants for a lot of what we have. Heck even our flag has a maple leaf on it.

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    Plants have shape are lives in many ways. Some little plants have caused wars (opium)and started revolution(industrial). Also without plants, some of are ancetors wouldn't have made it to Canada, becuase there wouldn't have been no trees to make the ships that discover North American. Lastly, most of are mordern medicine comes from plantsand ever are ancertors medicine came from plants too. Some of this plants may be small, but they shape the world around us.

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    Ontario farmers grow more ginseng then anywhere else in North America. The roots of the plant are used in medicine for things such as stress relief and to strengthen internal organs. Scientific research has proven that a regular dose of ginseng reduces stress and fatigue, improves short-term memory, reduces high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar level and increases longevity. In 2007 Canada exported 2.89 tonnes, with a value of $91,677. These rates continue to increase.

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    Plants are extremely important to our society. They are used for anything from a food supply to aesthetically pleasing decorations. It is arguable that plants provide two of the most important things to the human life: food and shelter. There are over twenty thousand species of plants around the world that are edible. Common species that are grown for food in our area is corn, beans, beets, wheat and more. These farms that grow plants supply food not only locally but internationally also. Many of these foods end right up in our homes, which are also constructed using plants. Although many building nowadays are fabricated from steel and other man made products, ever since humans began to build homes they have most frequently have been built out of wood. in present time trees are cut and dressed to make the boards and planks that make up our houses, much like shelters were constructed from branches and other materials in past times. Although plants are used most often for the two topics mentioned prior they also have many other common uses. Culturally plants are used for anything from medicine to worship of higher individuals. The uses of plants are nothing short of infinite and are the basis of human life. No matter how long our species last we will always revolve their lives around the plants that give us life.

  11. How are plants valuable to our society?


    Plants contribute so much to our society. They help the environment and humans in many different ways. Plants are an important to species; they provide oxygen which he breathe in on a daily basis in order to survive. Plants are used/make for: food, medicine, clothing, fuel, building materials (to build houses or even boats). In some parts of the world, wood is the primary fuel used by people to cook their meals and heat their homes. Plants also provide shelter and safety for animals. Roots of plants help hold the soil together. This reduces erosion and helps conserve the soil. Plants also help make soil. Plants are important elements of outdoors because they fill the world with beautiful and rich colours and provide us with wonderful smells that brighten their surroundings. But with pollution at an increase and global warming following swiftly behind, plant species could soon be in trouble which could cause a chain reaction leading to the human race.

  12. Plants are a very important part of our society. They help us and other animals and the environment in many different ways. Plants release oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide and purify large bodies of water like seas and rivers, which is crucial for survival for many living organisms. Plants are used for shelter, fuel, and food all around the world. In Canada plants play a major role in the economy. Currently Canada is the largest producer and supplier of agricultural products in the world. Plants can also be used as fuel. Scientists are now beginning to produce eco-friendly fuel known as “green diesel” made completely from plants. Many people are unaware of the fact that over 80 percent of all medicinal drugs originate from wild plants and that 25 percent of all prescriptions written contain chemicals from plants. This shows that plants are a very important part of society. Plants help to purify air and water, and we use plants as shelter, fuel, medicine and food. Imagine life without plants? That’s right you can’t, it’s not possible!

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    Plants are incredibly valuable to our society in many different ways. Can you even imagine our world without plants? The world would look like it was naked and stripped of all its beauty. I often fail to remember how important they are and the many benefits they provide us with.

    One of the most important things that plants do for our society is produce all the food that humans and animals eat. If it weren’t for plants, we would starve. You may think this is incorrect because meat is not a plant. However, it is completely true because the animals that give us meat, like chickens, pigs and cows, eat grass, oats, corn or some other plant. The animals would not be able to produce the succulent meat that feeds us without feeding themselves first.

    Plants are also valuable to our society because they produce oxygen. Obviously, without oxygen nothing on the planet would be able to survive. Every breath you take is made possible by the plants that surround you. This is why it is a good idea to keep many plants in your house.

    Another reason plants are so valuable to our society is because they provide habitat for thousands of other organisms. They give animals shelter and safety from harsh weather conditions. Plants alter the climate organisms live in too. They provide shade, help moderate the temperature, and protect them from heavy wind. You may not have known this but plants can alter the rainfall patterns too!

    And lastly, plants help hold our world together…literally. Their roots hold the soil together and reduce erosion. Without them the ground would be extremely unstable and we would experience a lot more landslides. They also play an important role in creating the soil. When plants die, they decompose and their remains are added to the soil. This helps make the soil nutrient rich. I guess all I have left to say is, without plants, we would not be able to live to tell the tale.

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    Plants have many uses. Not only are they decorations, they can be made into clothes, food, shelter, medicines, and more. Most of our clothing is made from cotton which is a plant, another plant that makes clothes is rayon. Without cotton our clothes would be made out of something that was very uncomfortable. Most homes have wood in them which is a plant product, also the furniture in your home is usually made of wood as well. One medicine that plants create, from the Periwinkle plant, is vincristine, a medicine that is effectively used to fight leukemia in children. One last use for plants is for fuel. Compression and heat hace made these plants into fossil fuels. Therefore, plants are very important for our environment and without them we wouldn't have much.

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    How are plants valuable to our society?

    Everyday we see, buy, grow, and eat plants. I think that plants are very important to humans. Economically, plants are important. Trades people buy and sell plants all the time. In spring, and the beginning of summer flowers, trees, veggies and grasses are purchased everyday. They make houses look appealing when on the market, so someone may buy a house because they like the look of the outside. Culturally, plants and grasses are used in many kinds of ceremonies and are considered sacred. Currently and historically, plants have been used for food. However far back you look people have always relied on plants for their food. Without fruits and vegetables we would never be healthy. Trees and every other plant give off oxygen. We need that to breath. If it weren't for plants, I don't think people would be alive today.


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